Hi there!

I'm Julie. A 23-year-old that felt quite the hypocrite, all blabbing about following your heart, while ignoring whatever hers tried to tell her. So when I finally decided to go into the direction I kept being pushed towards, I decided to start this blog.

What I'd mostly like to talk about on here is all the randow, awkard stuff of which my life is made up. Some keywords: food, Paris, running, non stop hungry and always a bit awkward. But mainly food. All sorts and sizes, and one common denominator: it's good. Good food.

My definition of good food focuses on how it makes you feel - when cooking it, eating it, serving it, or all of the above. Whether it's pure food, comfort food, a really greasy bite, or again a combination of it all and everything I forgot. Food, everywhere and always. And kinda random stuff.

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