Sunday, 30 August 2015

Lazy sunday love

Hey hey, nothing special today. Just wanted to share with you this delicious and healthy snack. I had it this afternoon, when I was binge watching a "Say yes to the dress" marathon. Best choice to kind of keep me from feeling disgusting, as I was chilling in sweatpants all afternoon. Or at least a better choice than a bag of crisps. And best part of all? It's so easy peasy that it's barely any more effort than getting a package of Oreos from the cupboard.

Friday, 28 August 2015

A girl's gotta do...

sorry for the bad quality of pictures!

A girl, a boy, Paris and food. There's three love stories here, that all started way before this moment: the girl and the boy, the girl and Paris and the girl and food. Which one plays the lead? Sorry to disappoint, but this one is not about the girl and the boy.

The girl had a couple of days to spend in Paris, while her boyfriend had to be there for work. So what does a girl do besides acting à la Parisienne, trying to look intellectual while reading a book at a café or strolling around her favourite quartiers? Yes, she looks for food.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

GHotspot: Romain Roquette

As you might know (or not): Ghent is my hometown. There's (almost) nothing I love better than strolling around the city and discovering new places for food, drinks or anything else that strikes my fancy. It's clear I might be biased when saying that Ghent is a pretty amazing place to live. That's why I came up with this GHotspot (Ghent + hotspot) section in order to let you make up your own mind about this awesome city.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Well hello there

Hi guys!

What's up? Since this is my first post out here, I think I am supposed to talk about what this blog will be about. Well the answer to that is quite easy: everything. With a focus on food and all the other random awkward stuff that makes up my life.

So I guess there's nothing else left to say then: welcome! Hope to see you again soon!