Thursday, 19 November 2015

The one without pictures

Guess that no pictures are better than bad pictures. Even in a negative way: a picture tells a thousand words. Don't want to put you off of the recipe I wanna share with you today! Sad enough my phone is still 100% dead and I didn't get my hands on a new one yet. The past weekend was quite the weekend... Wanna know why? ps: kinda late for a past weekend post... but probably the best way to start looking forward to the next one!

Thursday, 12 November 2015


Short introduction: really sorry for the decreasing quality of pictures - but my phone died (not as in "battery needs to be charged", but completely DEAD). Hence I need to take pictures with my laptop, which pretty much sucks, until I get a new one.

I know I'm a tad early with this friyay post. However, I've had a week with two Monday mornings up until now, so allow me my disorientation. As if it wasn't bad enough to go through Monday morning when it was actually Monday morning, we had a bank holiday yesterday so I had another Monday morning today. Sidenote: I hate Monday mornings. Good thing Monday morning was immediately followed by Thursday evening cause that means time for wine (and cheese)!

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Don't judge a soup by its...

Although the pictures might suggest otherwise, dinner was delicious last night. We made an easy pumpkin soup, pita bread (not homemade, I'll do better next time - I promise!) and black bean dip. I know it kinda looks disgusting: something about bad lighting, kitchen issues and being in a hurry. But trust me on this one, it tasted pretty neat. And best part: it's actually prrrretty easy!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

I hum, you hum, we hummus

There's two kinds of people in life: those that like hummus and those that hate it. Or scratch that and make it three: lovers, haters and those that never tried it. I definitely belong to that first group. Hummus is so good as a snack, a small appetizer or even as a dressing (especially over oven grilled broccoli with extra sesame seeds on top). I love it with extra garlic and lemon juice - guess I like strong flavours.

A meal without wine is called breakfast

As you probably got from last week's post: I'm a breakfast aficionado. I love everything about it.
Today I'd like to show you some breakfast inspiration. To me there's honestly nothing better than a cosy Sunday breakfast or brunch (or both).

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

New endings and new beginnings

I come from a family of bakers on my dad's side. Whether it's by blood or flour, I'd like to think the baking gene is part of my identity. However, there's more that runs through my veins than cooking. For example: a lack of perseverance or self esteem when it comes to going for what I really want. That's why I pursued a business degree, instead of figuring out what could have been a better choice. It was an easy choice.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

I've been figging about you

Don't you just love it we're in the middle of fig season right now? To me there's often nothing better than a really juicy, firm, fresh fig. I love them in yogurt, with some goat's cheese, just on their own or on a delicious sandwich. And that last thing is exactly what I tried a couple of days ago.