Monday, 20 June 2016

Dolce far niente

HEJ KIDS! I'm back from an amazing week in la douce France. It's true what they say: "du vin, du
pain et du Boursin". Aaah the sweetness of doing nothing. The doing nothing was all about food food food, lots of reading and a bit of swimming. And mostly about re-connecting with loved ones. And with myself.  Let's talk food for today.

Typically French breakfast on a daily basis: baguette with cheese and coffee. Simple but oh-so-good. A regular discussion here is whether the mister or I love cheese most. We still haven't come to a consensus.

Lunch in Arles. The place was actually closed but the guy whipped up some plate with everything he still had left. 

When we weren't out for lunch, we had some mean homemade food at noon. Tons of cheese, charcuterie, platters of the best tomatoes, olives, artichokes. Everything, everything! Too much to sum up. And of course baguette.

Dinner was about even more food - of course. I made a tangy taboulé salad with citron confit and merguez sausages. Always have merguez when you go to France. It's the best. That's why you can't see it on the picture: we ate ALL of it before we took it. We improvised with the spices we had at home, in order to make some kind of baba ganoush. Pomegranate seeds obligatory! We had green asparagus, topped off with goat cheese we got at the market and some grrrreat olive oil. We put artichokes in the oven and they turned out incredibly smooth and yum. And then there was a fennel salad, some melon and ham and all of the things I forget about.

Some lovely cherries we had on our way back home

Keyword is simplicity. Basic ingredients that speak for themselves. They're too good to let their taste be hidden by anything else. Use lemon zest, flat leaf parsley / mint / ..., spring onion to bring out some extra tanginess, some good olive oil, Camargue salt and freshly ground black pepper: off you go!

Sad to be back home. But thank God we're already going back in about a month.

Do you have any holidays coming up in the next couple of weeks/months? Let me know!


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