Tuesday, 7 June 2016

About bread and breasts

Hey kids! So many things have changed since we last talked! I changed jobs, I changed houses. Guess that’s about enough change to explain the radio silence over here?

So what have I been up to? Like I said: I changed jobs. I’m really happy with the decision I made so yay for that! Second thing: I moved. Well not really “moved moved”. The mister and I had been practically living together since January or so. However, we never really came to a point of decision making “OK, let’s move in together for real”. It DID come to that a couple of weeks ago and ever since my car looks like a moving van.

Now you’re all updated and everything. Only thing that remains is a yummy and easy recipe I tried for dinner last night. First some explaining to do. I have been making long hours lately, so when I come home at 9.30 – 10PM I don’t really feel like taking out my Creuset pot to start preparing a five course meal. The crazy Belgian weather is also contributing to that (think insane rain fall combined with temperatures of about 20°C and clear skies 20 min later). Hot weather makes me crave colourful and fresh food.

That’s why last night I whipped up some delicious and veggie-filled pittas in about 15 – 20 min. Scuzi for the lack of pictures: we devoured them as fast as I prepared them. And honestly, you really don’t need a recipe for these. The only thing I had bought in advance were the pitta bread and some chicken breast. The rest of the filling was just stuff we had lying around.

What I used: pitta bread (about 2 per person), 2 chicken breasts (one for each), half an avocado with some truffle oil drizzled on top, roquette, cucumber, some radishes, scallions, flat-leaf parsley and a dressing made from Greek yogurt, olive oil, harissa, smoked paprika powder, lime juice and salt.

What I did:
·         Cut the chicken breasts into smaller, kinda bite-sized pieces. Season with salt and pepper. Put a pan on medium heat and add some butter once hot. Throw in the chicken and put it in semi-high heat first (you want that almost caramelized yummy flavour on the outsides of your chicken). Once chicken looks good, lower heat and let it cook until chicken is cooked through but still moist (depends on the size of the chicken pieces).
·         Heat pitta bread in oven as described on package.
·         In the mean while: cut up some vegetables. TIP: I really like to “shave” the cucumber with a cheese shaver. I think it looks a lot more fancy and I prefer the texture to that of cucumber that’s just been chopped.
·         For the dressing: combine the ingredients above to taste.
·         Once the pitta breads are done, put everything on the table in separate nice bowls and plates (if you have a dishwasher). A colourful and nonchalantly dressed dinner table is half of the fun. I really like the fact that you can just make your pitta to taste, only adding the stuff you really like.
·         Bon’ap!

Let me know once you’ve tried this! Any recommendations on what combos I should try next?



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